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Springtime is Around the Corner—Is Your Backyard Ready?


Springtime is Around the Corner—Is Your Backyard Ready?

By the time mid-February rolls around, it can seem like Spring will never come! There’s below freezing temperatures, icy roads, shorter days and longer nights that may make you feel as though winter is dragging on. But with all that time you’re spending indoors, there’s a silver lining: you can plan for your perfect backyard, starting with your shed! Here’s how to create a spacious, clutter free backyard of your dreams…with your new shed as the main attraction!

Do I Really Need One?

To garden, to retreat to a man cave, and to have an inspiring artistic space…these are all popular reasons to purchase your first one, but the truth is, it doesn’t stop there. Sheds are the perfect “go-to” place for your off season gear (such as storing camping equipment in the winter). Your shed isn’t just for lawnmowers and old boxes of photos you don’t have room for in your house.

Your shed is the ideal space for whatever you want it to be: the “place” you get fit and healthy again; the “place” you unwind with some soft music and peace and quiet; the “place” you’ll create your future best-selling book, or go downward dog in a yoga pose! As diverse and plentiful as your needs and desires are, your shed is accommodating enough to meet each and every one!

Order in Time for Spring

In about four to six weeks, you’ll hear the all too familiar sounds of Spring—chirping birds, sunny skies and blooming flowers. This means, that while Spring is right around the corner, so is the planning of your beautiful backyard! At Best in Backyards, we know how important it is for you to have a shed that can fulfill all of your needs. That’s why this is the best time to start planning for the exact shed you want. We have an extensive selection, as we are firm believers that one shed does NOT fit all.

You’ll love the unique, beautiful design of our Cape storage sheds. With a practical but rustic feel (and a pitched roof to boot!) it’s a great shed to have for a variety of purposes. Depending on what you will use your shed for, our Dutch Barn series may do the trick. It has ample space for all of your storing needs and will easily blend in with the décor of your backyard.


Of course, to find the one that’s the right fit for you, think about what you want your shed for. Do you want an area for your personal space, or do you want it for your storage or gardening needs? Start planning now so that you can leave enough time for your shed to be ordered, delivered and installed…just in time for Spring!