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Take the Kitchen Outdoors!


Take The Kitchen Outdoors!
BBQ Islands With Grills, Sinks, and Fire Pits Turns Any Backyard Into A Family Gathering Place.

 Is your cluttered dining room table driving you crazy? Are you tired of cooking the same chicken and rice dish, each and every night? Sad that summertime cookouts have come to an end? Sometimes all it takes to get out of a dinner rut is a change of scenery, so head outside to your backyard and bring the whole family to enjoy your outdoor kitchen—while taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather!

Whether you spend one night a month eating outdoors, or it becomes a daily habit, everyone in your family will reap the benefits from a home cooked outdoor meal!  Here are the top three best reasons for purchasing your outdoor kitchen today!

Your Social Gathering At-Home Spot!

Just imagine this scenario: In an hour you have two couples coming over for dinner, but your house feels so cluttered with kids, pets and paperwork from your office that your kitchen is the last place that would impress your guests. Luckily, you have an outdoor kitchen that will do the trick, and you easily gather everyone to enjoy your fully equipped outdoor kitchen island (complete with barbeque grill, granite countertops and under bar lighting!) while enjoying the perfect fall weather at sundown.

Your outdoor kitchen isn’t just your standard barbeque grill, but a fully equipped, modernized kitchen that can serve your guests in style (and one that can be easily installed and used in the same day.) Enjoy a refrigerator to keep those cocktails and beers chilled, keep your side dishes warm and ready to go at a moment’s notice, and enjoy extra benefits such as double doors, tile counter tops, a sink, warming drawers and even a fire pit!

The days have come and gone that your grill could only be used during the summer.  Don’t think of your outdoor kitchen to be used only during the warmest days of the year, but instead as a year round, one stop, meet and greet station for those big and small parties you love to throw in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!

Because You Don’t Use Your Backyard Enough

Has it been a while since you have stepped foot in your backyard, or perhaps the only time you go outside is to clean out the gutters, or hammer in a loose board on your deck? If that sounds familiar, than it’s time to get acquainted with your backyard in a fun, and functional way again! Your outdoor kitchen is the perfect opportunity to bring everyone outdoors (that includes your video game playing teenagers!) for a good, old fashioned family meal in style. 

Fire up the grill and cook a few rib eyes, while you munch on some grilled veggies you can keep warm (in its warming station) and while you sip on some chilled cocktails pulled out from your fridge.  The best part is, with dinner cooked and served outside, you don’t have to worry about making a mess where it matters most, inside of your home!

Adds Value to Your Home

An outdoor kitchen is an investment, and one that when used regularly, will pay for itself. If you’re thinking about selling your home in the future, consider an outdoor kitchen as a great addition to your home, and one that will increase your home’s total value. After all, who wouldn’t want to buy your house when they see the added perk of an outdoor, fully equipped kitchen island at their disposal? 

When you bring an outdoor kitchen to your home, you’re really investing in a new way to entertain friends, to relax with family and to add value to your home. It’s a win/win, and all for you to enjoy any time your mood strikes!