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Three Good Reasons Why You Need A Two Car Garage


Who would have ever thought that a one or two car garage building could be so versatile, and offer so many wonderful benefits for a homeowner to enjoy? While it’s used predominately to shelter your car(s) and keeps it looking its best, it can also be transformed to suit your needs and hobbies and storage concerns! Here are three ways to get the most out of your modernly magnificent garage.

It Shields Your Vehicle From Harsh Weather Conditions

No matter where you live in the country, be it New York or New England, it’s inevitable: you have harsh weather conditions to deal with that can wreak havoc on your car. But if you had a choice, why would you let the heat and snow affect its longevity or overall performance by keeping it in the driveway when you could keep it in a garage? Think of your one or two car garage as premium protection for your car(s), and the guarantee that through rain or shine, it’s shielded from all of Mother Nature’s most intense weather changes!

It Gives You Extra Storage Space

Your new two car garage isn’t just a place to park your car when you’ve gone inside for the night.  In fact,  it can be anything you want it to be—from a place for your teenage son to host his (gasp!) metal band practice, to you own personal yoga studio or workshop. If you have one car, a two car garage is a popular choice, as it will give you the space you need as well as the proper vehicle protection you require.

Get even more space out of your garage by filling up your nuts and bolts in mason jars, and storing them on shelves along your wall, or using old milk crates to store your camping equipment, and placing it up and out of reach during the majority of the year when you don’t need it.

If you want a crafty way to use your garage (and don’t even need it to store your vehicle) turn your sturdy garage building into a play area for your children! Get creative, and paint the walls if you want, or just keep them the way they are, and bring in blocks, dollhouses and games set up and ready for your kids to have a blast with! 

It’s an Extra Room for Your Home!

If you’re constantly in motion—running errands for your family, cooking, cleaning and on top of it all, making a living with part time work—you deserve to have a separate space outside of the home to call your own, and yours alone! Use half of your garage to park your car, and use the other half as your personal gym studio or arts and crafts room. Your garage can easily be transformed into a tranquil place for you to unwind and recharge your battery, and when you devote your time there towards something you love, you’ll see for yourself how multi-purpose of a room your garage really is!

Let 2013 be your year to get organized, and keep all things in your home and garage as orderly and protected as possible. Use your garage for multiple uses and you’ll discover that you have more space than ever before!