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Top 5 Tips For Keeping Your Grill Tip Top Shape!

Bull Grill Head with veggies on grill

To help you keep your grill in tip top shape we rounded up some simple and easy tricks for you. Taking care of your grill is very important to help keep up the quality and functionality of your grill.

Grill Season is upon us! Pull out your Napoleon or Bull grill cart from your shed and ready for lots of food and fun!

  1. Clean Your Grill: it may sound simple, but you should take some time to clean your grill after pulling it out from storage. This can include warm water and soap (dawn works great for cutting grease) to remove any dust, cobwebs, and unwanted bugs. After your grill is cleaned off you should always check the hoses and wires. This is to make sure nothing came loose, and to check that no animals chewed through anything. Safety first!


  1. Check For Visitors: You never know what kind of mice, spiders and other wildlife that set up shop during the winter. Open every door and check in very crevice to make sure nothing (alive or dead) is living inside your grill cart. If you find any type of infestation or have trouble removing anything, call your local exterminator for a hand!


  1. Empty Your Grease Trap:  Before you throw some burgers on the grill you should always be sure to clean out last years grease. This will not only keep things sanitary, but it can help prevent any type of accidental cross contamination.   


  1. Final Safety Check: before you turn your grill on, triple check that everything is still set up correctly. This is just an extra safety measure to prevent any unexpected accidents or find any damage before inviting your entire family over for a BBQ.


  1. Check Lights: For those who have lighting in the grill, this is a great time to replace any bulbs that might be burnt out.

So wipe down your grill, invite your friends over, and impress them with your BBQ skills!