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What Size and Style of Shed is Right For You?


What Size and Style of Shed is Right For You?

You’ve finally done it—you boxed and put away all of your children’s old toys they no longer use. You’ve reorganized the master bathroom and cleaned out your art room. But in the process of clearing away the clutter, you’ve faced the inevitable: where are you going to store all your stuff?

For most growing families, there comes a point when your house just can’t handle moving another thing in, without moving some things out—and that’s where your brand new shed comes into play. You want one, and you know you desperately need one. The only question is, what size is the right one for you?


Know What Your Immediate Storage Needs Are

Although most people know they need a storage shed, many people make the mistake of buying one that is too small. It might be that it’s the smallest storage shed (with gorgeous wood shutters and sliding windows) is what you’ve been looking for, but you’re unsure of the actual space you really need. So, take a look around you. What are your most immediate items that you need to store? Is it camping equipment that you only use once a year? Is it your art supplies? Is it lawn mowers, raking equipment or leaf blowers? Now take a look at all the boxes, crates and tools you have to store. Measure the length by width by height. Then, multiple that number by 1.5, and what you’ll have is the appropriate amount of total cubic feet of storage that you need for your particular lifestyle!

Most people end up wishing that their first storage shed purchase was bigger, because let’s face it: you’re buying a shed because you’ve accumulated stuff, right? In another year, you’re bound to accumulate more stuff, which will call for a bigger shed! So go bigger than you think you need, and you’re bound to have the correct size shed from the get-go.


What Style is Right For You?

These days, storage sheds are customized to fit your every need. From wood to metal to vinyl, every shed you consider has something unique to offer! Vinyl sided storage sheds are a great solution to your storage needs, since they prove to be durable through harsher weather conditions, and won’t chip or rust as easily as other material.  Wooden sided sheds can offer amazing quality, and with window sliders with screens, steep roof pitch, and a variety of styles to choose, how can you go wrong!—wood sheds are of a classic design, while being incredibly versatile.


When you purchase your shed, you don’t just have a wonderful storage space for all your knick-knacks. You actually have a very versatile ‘home’ for all those things in your life you need at a moment’s notice!