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Year Round Uses for Your Outdoor Kitchen


Year Round Uses for Your Outdoor Kitchen


Whether you have a rustic patio, a backyard with a pool or a tranquil oasis that houses your outdoor kitchen, winter time is often the best time of all to cook outdoors! While this time of year may not have you thinking, “Let’s cook that holiday turkey outdoors,” it should be. In fact, when you use your outdoor kitchen grill to cook up this year’s holiday ham or bird, it will free up your indoor oven to cook everything else—and keep the holiday crowd happy as can be!


Most People Don’t Realize This…

…but our stainless steel outdoor kitchens don’t just come designed in your favorite granite, stucco or tile countertops—they can also come with a refrigerator, side burner, under bar lightening and even a fire pit!  Many people tend to think of purchasing an outdoor BBQ kitchen long after the snow melts and the flowers start to bloom again, but half of the outdoor kitchens we sell are during the wintertime!

Just imagine saving yourself space and time by grilling that holiday ham or turkey this year outdoors in your stainless steel angus grill—you’ll become the most popular neighbor on the block in no time at all! Bundle up and grill your bird with the following mouthwatering recipe, and free up your indoor kitchen for all of your other needs (preparing multiple side dishes, using it as a cleaning station or hiding from a pesky relative!)


The “Perfect Every Time” Roasted Turkey Recipe

There’s nothing worse (and more embarrassing) than serving up a dry turkey to a hungry crowd. That’s why this grilled turkey recipe is fool proof, and each and every time you do it, it will come out uniquely delish!


1 Tbs. Olive Oil (or replace it with coconut oil for a slightly nuttier taste)

1 Whole turkey

1 Tsp. Garlic salt

Salt and Pepper to taste


Crank up your outdoor BBQ grill to medium-high heat. Prepare the bird as you normally would, by washing and cleaning it out. Take out the giblets, and stick and an orange and onion inside. Rub the olive (or coconut) oil liberally all over the bird to help retain its moisture, and sprinkle with seasonings. Place on your roasting pan, and cook for 2-3 hours. Using a meat thermometer, cook turkey to internal temperature of 180 degrees in thigh and 170 in breast. Let stand for 15 minutes before carving…then enjoy!



Your outdoor kitchen allows you to enjoy the holidays in a whole new way! As your guests trickle in your home, take them out to enjoy a hot cider drink from the pot on your side burner of your outdoor kitchen, while they take in the aroma of your roasting bird or ham. Just beware—if your neighbors get a whiff of what you’re cooking, they’re likely to invite themselves over for dinner!