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Your Weight Loss Plan, Your Trampoline!


Your Trampoline, Your Weight Loss Plan!


The holidays have gone, and your New Year’s resolutions are here. What do you vow to do differently in 2014? If weight loss is on this year’s agenda, forget paying hefty gym dues, or hiring a pricey personal trainer. What will blast away those holiday pounds (you regrettably gained in the last few months) is right in your own backyard—your trampoline!

Bouncing With a Twist

Your core—which is your strongest, most powerful set of muscles within your abdomen, back and other major muscle groups—acts as a stabilizer and contributes to your overall health and fitness. Strengthen your core as you bounce with a twist, and you’ll not only become leaner—you’ll become healthier from head to toe. For the first few minutes, bounce lightly. Focus on jumping up and down in a balanced and controlled manner. When you feel confident, bounce a little bit higher. When in mid-air, use your waist to twist your body from one side to the other. Do this for ten minutes, and you’ll work everything from your core to your thigh muscles.

The Trampoline Sprint

Short periods of high intensity cardio always produce amazing results—but do it on a trampoline? You’ll immediately blast the fat, and raise your metabolism. Start at a slow jog, and gain speed as you feel more confident. When you achieve a sprinter’s pace, set your timer for two minutes. After two minutes are up, go back to a jog and repeat this interval of sprint/jog/sprint/jog for ten minutes. You’ll achieve your weight loss goals in no time at all!

Mid-Air Knee Tucks

You may have done this in the swimming pool, or even during a good, pre-stretch workout at your gym. But trampoline mid-air knee tucks are of a whole different ball game—giving you a whole new level of results! Start by jumping as high as you can for a few minutes. This will serve as the warm-up you need to ‘do the tuck!’ When you’ve jumped about 20 times or so, lift your knees up in mid-air, as high as they will go. Bring them back down as you come back down. This one will give you a workout, and it requires more endurance and energy than it sounds!

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