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4 Reasons to Buy a Hot Tub or Swim Spa in November

Couple Relaxing in Marquis Hot Tub in Winter Snow

It is getting colder outside, the flip flops are put away and the pool is closed up. It might seem silly to think about buying a hot tub or swim spa right before the snow starts to fall. But is it? Here are 4 reasons why you should buy a hot tub or swim spa in the winter!

  1. Unlike pools, hot tubs and swim spas can be used all year round! That means you don’t have to close it up for the winter. Nothing feels better than getting into the warm water after snow blowing the driveway or playing outside with the kids.
  2. Maintenance doesn’t change with the seasons. Maintaining your spa in the winter months requires no additional work or chemicals. You can go about using your hot tub as your normally would during the warmer months of the year.
  3. With all the winter sports, keeping up with the kids outdoor adventures, shoveling and snow blowing, the hydrotherapy available by both the hot tubs and swim spas is optimal to keep your body in tip-top-shape! Plus, hydrotherapy is known to reduce stress and boost the immune system; an added bonus during cold and flu season.
  4. If you decide to go for the swim spa, you are giving yourself the luxury of year round low-impact workouts, leisurely swims, and relaxation all in one! Plus a swim spa has plenty of room for the whole family to enjoy. It is a fun an easy way to get the kids outside and away from their phones or tablets.

If you are not sure what type of hot tub or swim spa you want, or what options are available, please visit one of our professionally trained team members in any of our Superstore Locations. If you’d like to read some additional information about these products please visit our website for easy to compare info and specs. Find what fits for you, your family, and your backyard!