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Everything You Need To Know About the Covana Hot Tub / Exercise Pool Covers

Why are hot tub and exercise pool covers important? Not only do these covers keep out bugs and leaves out, but they also help seal in the heat. Heated water produces steam and that steam would get lost in the air without a cover. This would result in you having to refill your hot tub or swim spa with water on a very regular basis to keep up with the evaporating water. Most conventional covers do an adequate job keeping out bugs and keeping the water in, but Covana Covers do so much more. 

Covana Covers are energy efficient and have twice as much insulating value as a regular cover due to its pressure seal.  That means you save on water, energy and maintenance products for the life of your hot tub or swim spa. A traditional cover will need to be replaced every 3-4 years due to wear and tear, but your Covana Cover will last you the life of your hot tub or exercise pool. You are saving money while using your Covana Cover! 

With a Covana Hot Tub Cover you don’t only get a spa cover, but a gazebo combined in one. The Covana Cover provides shade for you and your family to enjoy your hot tub or swim spa without being bombarded by the sun. Instead of having to buy an awning or pergola for shade, you have built-in shade! For added privacy you can you can add retractable screens on any of the 4 sides to your Covana Cover. These add extra shade, and some privacy from any nosy neighbors. 

Speaking of nosy neighbors, did you know that the Covana Cover provides optimal privacy and security? With a simple key turn, your Covana Cover will be raised and lowered. Why is that important? First off, no more physical labor to remove your hot tub cover whenever you want to relax. Also, your locked Covana Cover provides security from unwanted neighbors coming over to enjoy your hot tub or swim spa when you aren’t home. You will never have to worry about strangers or unwanted visitors sneaking into your yard and using your hot tub or swim spa without permission. Most importantly, a locked Covana Cover prevents any young children from inviting themselves into the warm water unattended. Safety first with just a key makes the Covana Cover perfect for any family to be able to go on vacation and sleep at night knowing everything is locked up tight.

If you are excited to add a hot tub or swim spa to your family backyard experience, and you want to enjoy it for years to come, get a cover that will save money long term, create a safe environment for the kids, and be the last cover you will buy.