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Five Reasons to Get a Pool House

     Is there anything more enjoyable than lounging poolside in your backyard on a lazy summer day, watching the kids play and taking in some rays? If this sounds familiar, you know that the only downside to spending so much time outside is having to run back indoors! Whether it’s for lunch or just something you’ve forgotten (sunscreen, that magazine, your cell phone, etc.), these little trips back in the house definitely disrupt the peaceful day you and the family are having. And, if you have little ones, going back into the house means taking the kids — dripping and all — along. 

     A great solution that will allow you to spend even more time outdoors is a pool house. Pool houses are no longer just for the rich and famous! They come in all different shapes, sizes and styles, with different price points, so you have a lot of flexibility to design a building that fits your needs. Here are a few different purposes your pool house could serve:

  1. Changing area — A pool house comes in handy as a changing area if you’re the type of person who likes to keep their home neat and tidy. If you’re hosting a pool party, your guests won’t have to trek through your recently cleaned house to change. They can simply store their change of clothing in the building beforehand and pop inside the pool house for a quick minute when they’ve had enough time in the water. The same is true for the kids. With a pool house, mom and dad can make sure the youngsters have plenty of towels and dry clothes on hand, so no one will be running in and out of the house all day long in a wet bathing suit. 
  2. Bathroom — The bathroom goes hand-in-hand with the changing area. No one likes to take a break from swimming to run inside and use the facilities (this can be quite often if your swimmers are drinking plenty of fluids to stay hydrated in the summer sun). Having a bathroom separate from the house alleviates this problem so you and your friends and family don’t have to be inconvenienced all summer long. Depending on the size of the pool house you have in mind, this can be a tiny half bathroom with a dry toilet (one that operates without flush water), or a traditional toilet and a sink. If you keep it small, you may still have space for an additional changing area. Or you could go with a larger space that incorporates a shower. In fact, you could even have two bathrooms if your needs call for it.
  3. Storage — Pools come with plenty of cleaning and maintenance supplies, never mind all the fun stuff! From the kids’ goggles to the pool noodles to chlorine tabs and skimmer, you need some place to store all of your pool items. A pool house comes in handy here, as you can dedicate either the full building or just a portion of it to organizing everything pool-related.  
  4. Break area for shade and snacks — Sometimes, on those scorcher summer days, you need a few minutes in a cool, shaded area, even though you’re far from ready to head all the way inside. A pool house is the answer. Design the space so that you have a mini-fridge or a full-size one, and stock it with water and some sandwiches when you head out for the day. And a cabinet or two can go a long way when it comes to holding granola bars, pretzels and so on. If you’re worried that the pool house won’t be enough of an escape from the house, consider installing air conditioning, or a retractable awning that will provide shade and cool the space. 
  5. Guest room or home gym — If you’re leaning toward a large pool house, there’s no reason you can’t get the most for your money and give the building more than one purpose. This could be adding a guest bedroom so that visitors have a private area (something that makes it a bit less more comfortable for both you and your company) or dedicating some room to a home fitness area. If you love working out but hate driving to the gym, your pool house could hold your treadmill, weights, yoga mat and so on.

     As you can see, the options are endless when it comes to pool house possibilities. Whether you go with a premade structure or something more custom, remember that your making an investment that will support an investment you’ve already made — the gorgeous pool that makes your backyard feel like paradise. A pool house can only make the experience that much more amazing!