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Spring Cleaning and Organization Tips

spring cleaning and organization tips

Are you on the hunt looking for some easy-to-follow spring cleaning and organization tips? Are you dreading the avalanche of clothes, books, and knick knacks that you will come up against? Keep your house clean and organized, and your sanity intact with these tips.

Cleaning and Organization Tips for the Spring

Make Yourself a To Do List: This will help you organize your thoughts and keep track of what you need to get done. A To Do List can be organized by: most important tasks to least important tasks, indoor tasks vs. outdoor tasks, tasks by room, or even tasks by how long it will take to complete. A To Do List will keep you focused and on track as you make your way through your spring cleaning. The best part is crossing off a task that has been completed and watching your list get shorter and shorter!

Multi Tasking Doesn’t Work: Stay on one task at a time, and do not move to the next until the first one is completed. Lots of us like to try and multitask thinking that we are getting more done faster, but this isn’t true. Multitasking has been shown to take longer and gets tasks done with less quality in completion. Having to re-vacuum the living room because you were trying to pick up the kids toys at the same time can leave you with a corner of the living room still covered in dog hair. Don’t rush yourself!

Make Organizing Fun: There are so many great ways to make organizing fun! Yes, we said fun! Put on your favorite TV show or movie. For a more portable option, you can play music on your phone or through your sound system. If you are a food motivated person, celebrate a newly organized room with a frozen yogurt, lunch out, or a snack! There are so many ways to keep yourself motivated and have fun while staying organized!

Sneak in Some Exercise: While you are bending down to pick something up, sneak in a squat for some extra health benefits! When walking across the room do a few lunges to strengthen your legs and tone. Without doing any vigorous exercises, you can still get in a good workout while completing the tasks on your To Do List. You can also go outside for a few minutes of jumping on your kids trampoline. So easy to be happy and healthy!

Don’t dread spring cleaning, because staying organized doesn’t have to be hard! Follow these simple tips and you survive.