Best in Backyards Professional Installation and Delivery Services

At Best in Backyards, we pride ourselves on providing a complete customer service experience that includes not only product delivery, but installation and setup as well. We have a professional installation team prepared to install our outdoor products anywhere on your property. Our courteous, factory-trained team is hard at work five days a week and fully committed to keeping customers satisfied. We offer installation services to the state of Connecticut, lower New York state and northern New Jersey. Take a moment to learn more about our delivery and installation methods.

All Products Delivered and Installed

Any of the top-quality products available from Best in Backyards can be delivered and installed by our experienced team. When completing such tasks, we’ll first determine how many installers to send based on what’s ordered and what the installation requirements or process will involve. With swing sets, for instance, we usually send two experienced team members to do the job. You can also count on us to customize your installation if you purchase:

• Storage sheds
• Trampolines
• Basketball systems
• Pergolas and pavilions

10'x10' Hampton Pavilion-White Vinyl-8x8 Square Posts -Asphalt Shingles-Cupola (2)

Multi-Experienced, Knowledgeable Installers

Our knowledgeable team can help with anything related to the installation of your Best in Backyards purchase. For instance, our installers can offer suggestions on a location for your new swing set or basketball system. Additionally, they can point out possible product use limitations with some locations and suggest possible solutions. With storage sheds, installation work will be done by installers with carpentry skill to ensure that proper techniques are used when putting all components and accessories in place.

Safe, Customized Delivery

With larger items like storage sheds, we use custom-made trailers during delivery to ensure safe delivery. Precautions will also be taken when moving fully assembled items into the preferred spot on your property. One of our sales associates will determine if there are any other steps that may need to be taken during delivery. Safety is also our top priority with setup and location placement.

Backyard A-Frame Garage Shed with Garage Door and Wooden Ramp

On-Site Construction

In situations where a structure isn’t able to be delivered fully assembled, special arrangements can be made to complete construction and setup at your location. With larger structures such as pergolas and pavilions, concrete footings can be installed, when necessary. Some structures can also be attached to your home, if requested. Please note that with some outdoor structures certain site preparations must be completed before our team arrives to complete the building process on-site.

Factory-Specific Installation

Our installers are trained to set up and install outdoor products like trampolines and basketball systems as per factory specifications. This ensures that any manufacturer warranties that may be included remain valid.

04-Springfree-Trampolines-Orange-County-New-York New Windsor NY Location

Relocation Installation

If you have a Goalsetter in-ground basketball system, we can help you relocate it if you want it placed in another location.

Complete Cleanup

Our courteous crew will make sure any debris related to your installation is thoroughly removed before leaving your property. This extra attention to details means you’ll be able to enjoy your new backyard addition right away.

The Best in Backyards delivery and installation team is prepared to set up any of the outdoor products and sets we offer quickly, safely, and accurately as per your instructions and preferences. Efficiency is just as important to us as it is to you. In fact, most of our products can be delivered and installed within a single day. Contact us today to speak with our staff about your product delivery needs and specific installation requests.