Marquis Hot Tubs

Celebrity Broadway
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Marquis Hot Tubs

Looking for the ultimate hot tub experience, then look no further! Best in Backyards carries only the highest quality hot tubs from Marquis. With a large range of hot tub styles, we can help you find the perfect hot tub to fit any backyard getaway. Take a look through our three new lines of luxury hot tubs, we have a feeling you will find exactly what you are looking for!

Marquis Signature Series Hot Tubs
Marquis hot tubs are designed for pure relaxation and therapy. All Signature model hot tubs are beautiful and powerful! A Marquis hot tub will last for years and enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Whether you’re an athlete with sore muscles, want  to sleep better, relax more or just need to get away from it all, you deserve the ultimate hot  tub experience by Marquis.


Marquis Signature Epic Hot Tub


Marquis Signature Euphoria


Marquis Signature Wish


Marquis Signature Promise


Marquis Signature Rendevous Hot Tub


Marquis Signature Resort


Marquis Signature Reward


Marquis Signature Show


Marquis Signature Series Spirit Hot Tub
Marquis Celebrity Series Hot Tubs
All of Marquis hot tubs are not just built from quality material, but are also designed to perform at the highest level during every use! Marquis Celebrity models create a un-matched ambiance. With scenic waterfall, Theatre LED lighting system and optional Motown audio system, you can create a soothing environment to help you relax after any occasion. Choose a Celebrity model hot tub and drop in for some fun!


Celebrity Broadway


Celebrity Hollywood


Celebrity Napa


Celebrity Vegas
Marquis Vector21 Series Hot Tubs
Marquis hot tubs are the perfect combination of functionality and elegance. The Vector21 series provides hot tubs that are perfect for anyone who likes to entertain large groups. With individual commands and controls, these hot tubs allow for all users to have their own perfect hot tub experience. The Vector21 series will help you transport the body, mind and soul at 104°!


Marquis Vector Series 65L Hot Tub


Vector 84L Large Outdoor Hot Tub


Vector 77 Backyard Hot Tub


Vector 94 Outdoor Hot Tub


Vector 84 Marquis Hot Tub


Vector 94L Backyard Spa
Hot Tubs and Swim Spas are on display in our Mahopac, New York Superstore Location. For more information about our Marquis Hot Tubs and Swim Spas, including design and installation, please do not hesitate to call Best in Backyards at 1-800-752-9787 or submit a quick form via our contact us page. Our representatives are always here to help!

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