Enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship of the Alpine Pavilion right in your very own backyard. Inspired by the alpine slopes, this wooden pavilion has a unique, rustic look that adds elegance to any space.

Alpine Pavilion

Alpine Wood Pavilions

The Alpine Pavilion is available in wood only. It comes in a variety of different colors and roof options, so it can easily be customized to fit your unique style. It is built study to withstand winds up to 140 miles per hour and can span up to 16′ without sagging. The Alpine Pavilion is great for covering an outdoor kitchen island or creating a cozy outdoor living space for the family.

Standard Features

  • Western red cedar lumber with pressure treated pine under the roof
  • Large 8×8 posts are laminated and wrapped to resist warping
  • 4×8 half-moon braces for added strength
  • 3-ply 6×8 headers are built to span up to 16’ long without sagging
  • Engineered to withstand winds up to 140 mph and 45 pounds of snow per square foot


EZShade Curtain

Enjoy your outdoor living space in comfort any time of the day. The EZShade curtain system adds overall shade protection on the sides of our pavilions and pergolas from sunrise to late afternoon sun. Simply roll the curtain down and enjoy any event you may have without the direct sunlight beating down on you and your guests. Your new structure will be the envy of your neighbors!

Providing Privacy and Shade: Whether you want to just add shade to one side of your pergola or pavilion, or add privacy and shade on all 4 sides, our EZShade pergola curtains are very attractive and durable with easy-to-use manual controls.

  • Easy to manually operate and guided the stainless-steel cables and hand crank
  • Amazing fabric made from dense, semi-transparent material
  • Full coverage from the top to the bottom to help block mid-day sun
  • Is available from 8’ to 18’ wide
Details and Pricing
traditional wooden pergola with ez shade side curtain
Traditional Wood Pavilion Poolside with Brown Stain


Pergolas and Pavilions can be installed almost anywhere! Our experienced installation teams are highly-trained professions and have all of the necessary hardware to anchor a pergola or a pavilion to any surface. We have installed these outdoor structures on a variety of locations including patios, decks, poolside, etc… All of our structures are constructed on-site and can even be attached to a home if desired. Large pergolas or pavilions can require concrete footings that we can provide and install if necessary. Custom pergolas and pavilions are our specialty! Our expert installers are craftsman that are capable of installing any custom design. They are skilled carpenters that are knowledge in all types of construction including framing, roofing and finished carpentry. Whether constructed of cedar, pine or vinyl, you will be left with a beautiful shade structure that you can enjoy for years. All of our pergolas and pavilions are built with the utmost attention to detail and design, and are pieces of art perfectly designed to enhance your property and increase your enjoyment of your backyard space!

Alpine Pavilion Options