Hampton Pavilion

Backyard Vinyl Pavilion Hampton Sytle with Updated Headers Poolside with Living Room Furnitature


The Hampton Vinyl Pavilion is the ultimate shade structure for your backyard space. It is an extraordinary pavilion that was crafted with attention to each and every detail. With a steep roof pitch, 10″ round columns and beautiful post trim and dental molding, the Hampton Pavilion is not just a shade structure but is also a piece of artwork.

Hampton Vinyl Pavilions

Add a touch of luxury to your backyard with a Hampton Vinyl Pavilion. This beautiful pavilion requires little to no maintenance and will look great year after year. The high quality features do not stop on the exterior. The underside of the roof is handcrafted with beautiful mahogany 1×6 tongue and groove boards for a beautifully finished, elegant outdoor living space.

Standard Features

  • 10” round columns with solid pressure treated pine posts inside
  • Decorative column base
  • Headers are trimmed with our decorative dental molding and feature a 12” roof overhang
  • Ceiling is made of a beautiful 1×6 tongue and groove, stained mahogany for a rich appearance
  • Steeper roof pitch is constructed with double 2×4 main rafters and covered with architectural asphalt shingles
  • Anchor brackets for mounting to concrete pad and wood decks
  • Engineered to withstand 140 mph winds and 45 pounds per square foot snow loads
Other options and addons
Column Base on White Vinyl Hampton Pavilion

Decorative Column Base

Round Column Vinyl with Anchor Brackets

Anchor Brackets

Post Trim and Dental Molding on Hampton Vinyl Pavilion

Post Trim & Dental Molding

Underside Photo of a Vinyl Pavilion

Roof Detail

White Vinyl Color

White Vinyl

Ivory Vinyl Color

Ivory Vinyl

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Delivery & Installation

12 Month Financing

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Pavilion Sale!


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