Arched Pergola

Notched Intersections on Arched Wood Pergola


Arched and Curved Pavilions add a touch of romance to any backyard setting. The Hearthside Wood and Arcadian Vinyl Pergolas are two different styles of arched pergolas offered by Best in Backyards. They are expertly designed outdoor structures that are crafted with attention to detail in every form. With decorative post trim, arched joists and decorative post skirts, these pergolas are sophisticated and inviting. The arched top separates these pergolas from others, and presents a more elegant appearance anywhere you place it in the backyard.

Hearthside Wood Pergolas

The wooden Hearthside Pergola is constructed with pressure treated pine wood. It comes standard unstained, but can be painted with a stain color of your choice if desired. The Hearthside is the only wood pergola that we offer with an arched top. It’s unique design is backed by engineered connection brackets that will add strength and prevent sagging. The Hearthside Wood Pergola is a great addition to any backyard patio or deck, and can easily turn your plain backyard space into a outdoor entertainment center for all of your friends and family to enjoy.

Standard Features

  • Unstained pressure-treated pine wood
  • Solid laminated 5×5 posts with decorative post skirts
  • 2×6 arched joists with engineered connection brackets for added strength
  • Arched rafters span across even measurement side, and 2×6 runners with scalloped ends span odd side
  • Notched intersections to resist warping
  • Triple-ply 2×8 header for added strength and to maintain a straight non-sagging appearance
  • Mounting brackets for concrete pad and wood decks

Arcadian Vinyl Pergolas

The Arcadian Vinyl Pergola is the perfect compliment to any outdoor space. It boasts a beautiful arched top that is unique from the other vinyl pergolas that are offered by Best in Backyards. This vinyl pergola is great for families who are looking for a beautiful shade structure that requires little to no maintenance, and will continue to look great year after year. Create your magical secret garden hideaway or poolside hangout with the one-of-a-kind Arcadian Pergola.

Standard Features

  • Maintenance-free white vinyl top
  • Solid pressure-treated 6×6 wood posts sleeved in vinyl
  • Decorative base and capital
  • Double 2×8 headers with pressure treated wood sleeved in white vinyl for strength and a non-sagging appearance
  • Full width 2×6 rafters joists that span across the shorter side, and 2×2 runners that span the longer side
  • Anchor brackets for mounting to concrete pad and wood decks
Other options and addons
Notched Intersections on Arched Wood Pergola

Notched Intersections

Triple Ply Headers on Arched Wooden Pergola

Triple Ply Headers

Engineered Connection Bracket on Arched Wood Pergola

Connection Brackets

Decorative Post Skirt on Wooden Pergola

Decorative Post Skirt

Superior Post on Outdoor Wooden Pergola Arched

Superior Post

Privacy Wall on Wooden Pergola Optional Feature

Privacy Wall

Lattice Roof on Arched Wood Pergola Shade Feature

Lattice Roof

Decorative Post on Vinyl Arched Pergola

Decorative Post Skirts

Arched Joists on Curved Vinyl Pergola

Arched Joists

Post Trim and Decorative End Caps on Vinyl Pergola

Post Trim & End Caps

Superior Post Upgrade Option for Vinyl Pergolas

Superior Post

8x8 Vinyl Post Optional Pergola Upgrade

8×8 Vinyl Post

Vinyl Upgrade 10 Inch Round Column

10″ Column


Cedar Wood Stain

Cinder Wood Stain

Cinder Wood Stain

Canyon Brown Wood Stain

Canyon Brown Wood Stain

Mahogany Wood Stain

Mahogany Wood Stain

White Vinyl Color

White Vinyl

Ivory Vinyl Color

Ivory Vinyl

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