Kingston Pergola

Decorative Post Skirt on Kingston Wood Pergola


If you are seeking a Wooden Pergola that makes a bold statement, looks beautiful and can help you to create the perfect outdoor living space, the Kingston Wood Pergola is for you! Great for spaces both large and small, this is the largest pergola style that we offer. It is big not only in construction, but also size. The Kingston Wood Pergola can be built up to 18×22 with only four posts. That means a large outdoor living space without the intrusion of a center beam. Perfect for patios, decks, poolside or even in the garden, this wood pergola will add a touch a charm to your home.

Kingston Wood

Constructed with natural cedar timbers, the Kingston Pergola is a beefy shade structure that stands tall on 8×8 cedar posts with 4×10 braces for added stability. It offers ideal shade from the sun all year round with 2×3 purlins spaced 6″ on center. A wooden structure that can be build both large and small, it can fit all of your backyard needs and more!

Standard Features

  • Hand-selected natural cedar wood
  • Solid 8×8 cedar posts with decorative post skirts
  • Large 4×10 braces for added stability
  • Heavy-duty headers with 6×12 beams and 4×8 joists for superior strength and durability
  • 2×3 Purlins spaced 6″ on center for optimal shade coverage
  • Anchor brackets for concrete pad and decks
other options and add-ons
Kingston Wooden Pergola Purlins for Shade

Excellent Shade

Heavy Duty Headers with Braces Kingston Wooden Pergola

Heavy Duty Headers with Braces

Engineered Anchor Brackets for Mounting Pergolas and Pavilions

Anchor Bracket

Decorative Post Skirt on Kingston Wood Pergola

Decorative Post Skirt


Cedar Wood Stain

Cinder Wood Stain

Cinder Wood Stain

Canyon Brown Wood Stain

Canyon Brown Wood Stain

Mahogany Wood Stain

Mahogany Wood Stain

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