The most popular of the angled-base series swing sets, the unique a-frame supports on the Supreme playset allow for a tire swing under the playdeck and hours of backyard fun. Can be customized with a number of great wooden add-ons to meet your child’s interests and activity preferences.


Supreme Backyard Swing Set

The mid-sized swing set in our Angled-Base Series, the Supreme offers a three-chain tire swing beneath the roomy clubhouse. There’s also a 10-foot wave slide, a double ladder, two sling swings, a gym ring/trapeze bar combo and a rock climbing wall. This playset works best on level ground.

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Supreme Backyard Swing Set with Monkey Bars

The kids will have the coolest playset in town with the Supreme 2. This solid cedar swing set has everything the youngsters could want: monkey bars, a double ladder, a Jacob’s Ladder, a three-chain tire swing, a swing beam with two sling swings and a gym ring/trapeze bar, a 10-foot wave slide and more. With all these activities, the Supreme  is appropriate for children of all ages.

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Supreme Backyard Swing Set with Gang Plank & Wood Roof

When they first lay eyes on this Supreme model, the kids won’t know which activity to start with. From the wooden gang plank ramp to the three-chain tire swing to the 10′ wave slide there’s so much to do. This backyard playset also features a wood roof, rock climbing wall, a Jacob’s rope ladder, two sling swings, a gym ring/trapeze bar combo. Tons of activity for kids of all ages.

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Supreme Backyard Swing Set with Wood Roof & Spiral Slide

This Supreme model takes backyard adventure to a whole new level with a spiral tube slide. The kids will spend hours climbing up the ladders or the rock wall to the clubhouse to get their turn on the twisty slide. And when they want a change of pace, they can head down the wave slide, under to the tire swing, over to the swing beam or up the Jacob’s Ladder for some more fun. Our Supreme also features a beautiful wood roof that parents can enjoy just as much as their children!

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Delivery and Installation

Our swing set installation teams are made up of two experienced installers. Upon arrival, they will go over the location of the swing set with you spend as much time as is necessary to ensure that the play set is installed exactly where you want it. Positioning a swing set can be a difficult task. Our installers are trained to go over your backyard area with you and help you to determine the best and safest location. They will notify you of any recommendations they have and will point out any potential safety issues that they see during this process. The size and slope of properties vary widely, and most backyards that we work with are not perfectly level. Don’t worry, as that should not pose an issue during installation. Because of the design of our jungle gyms and our confident installers, we can accommodate almost any property without compromising the swing set’s activities. Please note, severely sloped properties will affect some activities and the installers will explain and help to determine the best compromise should an issue arise. We have installed in both the largest and smallest properties, and can accommodate nearly any outdoor space!

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Eastern Jungle Gym Swing Set Warranty

You can be confident that you are selecting the best when purchasing an Eastern Jungle Gym Swing Set. Our playgrounds are built with high-quality materials and are designed to provide your family with safe and fun entertainment for years. Safety and quality are our top priorities and we always stand by our products. Our jungle gyms are built to last, but in the unlikely event that an issue does arise we are here to help.

We warrant all wooden components of our swing sets, under normal use and conditions, for a prorated period of 10 years from the date of purchase. All other swing set components including chains, rope, canopy tent tops, swing seats, hardware, metal braces, handles, rungs and all other accessories are covered for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

For complete warranty information please see our warranty page.

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