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The Thunder

Bring the power of Leaf Spring bouncing, top-end safety and unmatched value to your backyard with a Vuly Thunder Trampoline! Thunder trampolines feature leaf springs that allow for a higher and a more comfortable bounce, when compared to classic coils. Not only do they make for a better jump, they are safer than standard coils and rods because they are below the jumping surface. Paired with a polyethylene safety net you can rest assured that the kids (and adults) are safe while having fun.

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Vuly Trampolines

The Thunder Pro

If you are looking for the ultimate bouncing experience, look no further than the Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline! Designed with Leaf Springs that are twice the length as the Thunder series, they offer an incredible “straight-up” jumping experience that won’t give a twisty rebound or injure your knees. The safety net features a self-shutting door without any zippers, and fastened directly to the edge of the jumping mat, so you can feel confident that all jumpers will be safe while bouncing.

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Delivery & Installation

One common misconception about trampolines is that they are easy to assemble. While they may appear to be a quick project, trampolines can be very complicated and time consuming to install properly. When installing a trampoline safety is always our top priority. Our trampoline installers are trained in several brands to ensure that the trampoline is installed per factory specifications. Our trampoline installation teams are made up of two experienced installers. Because we use two-man teams of installer with extensive experience, it is not uncommon for a large trampoline to be installed within two hours. You can rely on our installation teams to install your trampoline safety, quickly and accurately.

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