Kingston Pergola

Kingston Wood Pergola

Constructed with natural cedar timbers, the Kingston Pergola is a beefy shade structure that stands tall on 8×8 cedar posts with 4×10 braces for added stability. It offers ideal shade from the sun all year round with 2×3 purlins spaced 6″ on center. A wooden structure that can be build both large and small, it can fit all of your backyard needs and more!

Standard Features

  • Hand-selected natural cedar wood
  • Solid 8×8 cedar posts with decorative post skirts
  • Large 4×10 braces for added stability
  • Heavy-duty headers with 6×12 beams and 4×8 joists for superior strength and durability
  • 2×3 Purlins spaced 6″ on center for optimal shade coverage
  • Anchor brackets for concrete pad and decks

Kingston Wood Pergola