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Tgoma Add-On (8×11 Oval)

Known for their one-of-a-kind safety features, Springfree again made headlines for its ingenuity when Springfree Featuring Tgoma was introduced in May 2016. Tgoma stands for “Take Gaming Outside and Make It Active,” and it allows users to connect their device to the trampoline for access to the free Tgoma app. There, users can choose from a number of games that incorporate education, fitness and competition.

Tgoma represents a new way to play, one that capitalizes on the younger generation’s love for devices and media while bringing it outdoors. All Springfree trampolines come with the option to add Tgoma, which is also available at Best in Backyards as an add-on for older models.

Tgoma Add-On (8×11 Oval)


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