Professional Installation and Delivery

Professional Installation and Delivery Backyard Wooden Swing Set


Best in Backyards is proud to offer white glove delivery and professional installation for all of our outdoor products.

Our installation teams are factory-trained, courteous and timely, and are experts in their trade. Best in Backyards’ professional installation teams are out in the field five days a week. They have installed thousands of products and know how to adapt to all backyard surfaces. You can shop confidently with the knowledge that your backyard product will be installed accurately, quickly and, most importantly, safely. 97% of our products are delivered and installed in one day! Please see below for more information about our delivery and installation services for all of our outdoor products.


Our swing set installation teams are made up of two experienced installers. Upon arrival, they will go over the location of the swing set with you spend as much time as is necessary to ensure that the play set is installed exactly where you want it. Positioning a swing set can be a difficult task. Our installers are trained to go over your backyard area with you and help you to determine the best and safest location. They will notify you of any recommendations they have and will point out any potential safety issues that they see during this process. The size and slope of properties vary widely, and most backyards that we work with are not perfectly level. Don’t worry, as that should not pose an issue during installation. Because of the design of our jungle gyms and our confident installers, we can accommodate almost any property without compromising the swing set’s activities. Please note, severely sloped properties will affect some activities and the installers will explain and help to determine the best compromise should an issue arise. We have installed in both the largest and smallest properties, and can accommodate nearly any outdoor space!

Professional Swing Set Installation on a Slope with Blue Rubber Mulch
Best in Backyards Swing Set Installation in a Backyard with a Happy Customer
Best in Backyards Professional Swing Set Installation in Progress


Our shed installation teams are comprised of at least two installers. They are not only experienced shed installers, but also skilled carpenters so you can be confident that they are constructing your storage shed with the utmost attention to detail. They are meticulous in their craft, highly trained and well-versed in their trade. Our delivery equipment is state-of-the-art. Custom made trailers are used during transport to ensure safe delivery and unloading of the sheds. After arriving to the delivery location, our mule is used to transport the shed to its final destination on the property. Our mule is able to deliver a fully-assembled storage shed almost anywhere.  Most of our sheds are delivered to the customer pre-built, but may the occasion rise where we are not able to access the location with our mule, we are able to build the sheds on-site. Our installers are knowledgeable in all types of construction – framing roofing and finished carpentry. Your sales associate will help you to determine if your shed can be delivered fully assembled, or if it needs to be built on-location. Site preparation for storage sheds is also very important. Please click here to view our recommended site preparations for storage sheds. While we do not offer site preparation services at this time, our installation service includes paver blocks to level the shed if needed.

Build on Site Professional Shed Installation by Best in Backyards
Outdoor Storage Shed Professional Installed in a Backyard Garden
Professional Delivery and Installation of a Storage Shed with Custom Truck


One common misconception about trampolines is that they are easy to assemble. While they may appear to be a quick project, trampolines can be very complicated and time consuming to install properly. When installing a trampoline safety is always our top priority. Our trampoline installers are trained in several brands to ensure that the trampoline is installed per factory specifications. Our trampoline installation teams are made up of two experienced installers. Because we use two-man teams of installer with extensive experience, it is not uncommon for a large trampoline to be installed within two hours. You can rely on our installation teams to install your trampoline safety, quickly and accurately.

Springfree Trampoline Professional Delivery and Install in a Driveway with Ladder
Jumpsport Trampoline Professional Delivery and Installation by Best in Backyards
Springfree Trampoline Installation in a Backyard with Basketball Hoop


Our experienced installation teams can install both in-ground and wall-mounted basketball hoops. Goalsetter in-ground basketball system installations require that you dig a 42” deep hole to cement in the anchor for the pole. This is unlike most basketball systems that only require an 8” J-bolt be installed. Best in Backyards provides 15 bags of cement along with a 42” steel anchor to complete the installation. With a 42” steel anchor that is cemented into the ground, you are guaranteed to have a basketball hoop that will never move, settle or sway. If for any reason you want to relocate the basketball hoop on the current property, or are moving to a new location, you can remove the pole from the anchor and install it at another location. Best in Backyards is trained in moving basketball systems, and offers relocation installation services for customers who have a Goalsetter in-ground system. Wall mount basketball systems can be installed on any surface both indoors and outdoors.

Best in Backyards Ground Anchor Installation Photo
Completed Basketball System Installation by Best in Backyards
Wall Mount Basketball System Being Professional Installed in a Gym


Pergolas and Pavilions can be installed almost anywhere! Our experienced installation teams are highly-trained professions and have all of the necessary hardware to anchor a pergola or a pavilion to any surface. We have installed these outdoor structures on a variety of locations including patios, decks, poolside, etc… All of our structures are constructed on-site and can even be attached to a home if desired. Large pergolas or pavilions can require concrete footings that we can provide and install if necessary. Custom pergolas and pavilions are our specialty! Our expert installers are craftsman that are capable of installing any custom design. They are skilled carpenters that are knowledge in all types of construction including framing, roofing and finished carpentry. Whether constructed of cedar, pine or vinyl, you will be left with a beautiful shade structure that you can enjoy for years. All of our pergolas and pavilions are built with the utmost attention to detail and design, and are pieces of art perfectly designed to enhance your property and increase your enjoyment of your backyard space!

Outdoor Vinyl Pavilion Construction by Best in Backyards near a Pool
Outdoor Wooden Pergola Professional installation with a Kitchen Island by a Pool
Wooden Pergola Construction on a Patio by a Pool

Best in Backyards an Eastern Jungle Gym Company

The Best in Backyards difference!

When you rely on Best in Backyards to deliver and install your backyard products, you are guarantying that you will have an outdoor product that is accurately, safety and properly installed. Unlike subcontracted installation companies, our teams will remove any debris that is created from the install, leaving you with a clean, pristine property and a product that is ready to use right away. All boxes, packaging, hardware and bolts will be cleared at the completion of installation. If you purchased the removal of a pre-existing product we will haul it away to be properly disposed of.
Installers are the last contact in the customer experience and we want all of our customers to have the best experience from start-to-finish. Our installation teams are polite, courteous and spend the time to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with your new backyard product. They are consistently receiving new training and perfecting their craft. If you have any questions about our delivery and installation services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help and answer any questions that you may have!


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