Dutch Barn Storage Sheds

Backyard Dutch Barn 10 x 20 Storage Shed with Doors and Windows


Our Dutch Barn Style Storage Sheds are great if you are seeking a barn-style, rustic look with maximum storage capacity. Our Dutch Barn Sheds have the greatest storage space of any shed series and offer the most head room. Available in both Backyard and Elite styles, the Dutch Barn Shed can be delivered pre-built or built on site by our skilled craftsman. Both series of Dutch Barn Sheds include pressure treated floors with floor joists 12″ on-center, 2×4 wall/roof construction 16″ on-center and 1/2″ plywood roof sheathing. You can shop confidently that you are getting the best quality shed at the best price.

The Backyard Dutch Barn is a high-quality storage shed with less “fancy” options making it the more economical choice in the series. The Backyard Dutch Barns come standard with two windows, shutters, standard double doors, painted metal corner trim and 30 year architectural shingles. This storage building is great for storing all of your backyard products large and small. Adding a ramp to the huge double doors will allow you to park an ATV or a motorcycle with ease. Or, you could add a loft and a tool bench to store your outdoor projects in the winter. The possibilities are endless!

  • Shed Sizes Range From 8’ x 8’ to 14’ x 32’
  • Windows: 2 – 18” x 27” Sliders with Screens
  • 1” x 3” Slat Shutters (wood) or Vinyl Louvered
  • Standard Wood Door (T-111) or Fiberglass (Vinyl)
  • 5″ Hinges
  • Painted Metal Corner Trim
  • 2” x 4” Gables Overhang
  • 3/12 Top Roof Pitch
  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles
  • T-111 or Vinyl Siding
  • Available Pre-Built or Built on Site

The Elite Dutch Barn Shed is a great storage solution for all outdoor spaces. With ample standing room and a roof pitch that allows for tons of storage space, this outdoor shed can be used to store everything in the backyard, and then some! The Elite Dutch Barn comes standard with two windows, 1″ x 4″ wood trim, deluxe double doors and architectural shingles. This shed is available in 5/8″ deep-grove T-111 or vinyl siding.

  • Shed Sizes Range From 8’ x 8’ to 14’ x 32’
  • Windows: 2 – 18” x 36” Sliders with Screens
  • 1” x 4” Miratec Wood Window Trim
  • Deluxe Wood Door (T-111) or Fiberglass Door (Vinyl)
  • 10″ Hinges
  • 1″ x 4″ Miratec Corner Trim
  • 1″ x 6″ Miratec Fascia
  • 6″ Gable Overhang
  • Top 3/12 Roof Pitch
  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles
  • T-111 or Vinyl Siding
  • Available Pre-Built or Built on Site

Rent-to-Own Storage Sheds

Interested in a new storage shed without a long-term commitment? We have partnered with BLI to offer rent-to-own storage buildings for as low as $99 PER MONTH!
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Other options and addons

Window Options

Storage Shed

18″ x 23″ Window

24″ x 27″ Window

18″ x 36″ Window

18″ x 27″ Window

24″ x 36″ Window

18″ x 36″ Double Window

24″ x 36″ Triple Window

15″ x 60″ Jalousie Window

Shutter Options

3″ Slat Shutters

Louvered Shutters

Large Shutters

Fancy Window Trim and Shutters

Z Shutters

Raised Panel Shutters

Weathervane Options

Carriage Weathervane

Dog Weathervane

Eagle Weathervane

Horse Weathervane

Rooster Weathervane

Vent Options

Garden Vent

Vinyl Gable Vent

Rolled Ridge Vent

T-111 Gable Vent

Door Options

Deluxe Double Door

Deluxe Double Door with Arch Trim

Deluxe Double Door with Transoms

Deluxe Double Door with Arch Trim & Transoms

Deluxe Double Door with Transom Above Doors

Standard Double Door

Standard Double Door with Cross Buck Trim

Standard Double Door with Dutch Trim

Deluxe Single Door

Deluxe Single Door with Arch Trim

Standard Steel Door

9-Lite Glass Steel Door

9-Lite Glass Prehung Door

11-Lite Arched Glass Prehung Door

Other Options & Addons

36″ Workbench

16″ Shelf

A-Frame Style Loft

Barn Style Loft

Standard Overhead Door

Homestead Overhead Door with Glass

Deluxe Trim Package:

1″ x 4″ Trim on Doors, Corners and Windows


T-111 Flower Box

Vinyl Flower Box



Paint Colors

  • Dark Gray
  • Light Gray
  • Christiana Gray
  • Clay
  • Belmont Blue
  • Rheil Green
  • Avocado Green
  • Hunter Green
  • Buckskin
  • Cream
  • Beige
  • Red
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Navajo White
  • White

Vinyl Trim Colors

  • Tan
  • Beige
  • Clay
  • Pacific Blue
  • Pearl
  • Blue Gray
  • Moss
  • Mist
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Black
  • Green
  • Brown
  • White
  • Cream
  • Almond

Vinyl Siding Colors

  • White
  • Tan
  • Beige
  • Clay
  • Pearl
  • Olive
  • Mist
  • Gray
  • Flint
  • Cream
  • Blue
  • Almond

30 Year Architectural Shingles Colors

  • Weather-wood
  • Earthtone Cedar
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Dual Brown
  • National Blue
  • Harvard Slate
  • Forest Green
  • Hunter Green
  • Dual Gray
  • Black

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