The Ultimate Swim Spa Experience

ATV Swim Spa Hot Tubs

Take your swim spa experience to the next level with our Aquatic Training Vessels™ (ATV™). Designed to meet your needs and your activity level, our swim spas help to promote a healthy lifestyle and bring a unique experience to your backyard. Whether you choose to engage in a great low-impact workout, take a leisurely swim, enjoying a relaxing soak or participate in a seated resistance workout to boost strength — the experiences are endless!

What Benefits Does a Swim Spa Provide?

Swimming: Swimming is an excellent low-impact, total body workout that provides many health benefits. Whether you are a beginning swimmer, or an athlete looking to improve technique or endurance, the ATV is the perfect vessel for accomplishing your goals.

Aquatic Fitness: Increasing your activity level has never been easier with an ATV! They provide the perfect aquatic environment for low-impact activity, that avoids putting excess pressure on your bones, joints and tendons. Simply tailor your activity at a level that feels comfortable for your body you will enjoy the benefits that come with a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Relax: Your swim spa also functions as a large hot tub! Not only for fitness, the ATV helps to promote relaxation and provides the ideal environment for unwinding. Let go of unwanted stress and tension with a relaxing soak or a hydro-therapeutic massage in one of the therapy chairs.

Swim Spas

ATV™-14 Splash

FOR SWIMMING, STRETCHING AND SPLASHING AROUND: The ATV-14 Splash provides a less intense swim, a great spot for relaxation and soaking, and the perfect vessel for splashing around with the kids. It features a single swim tether point and a resistance rowing option to allow for varying activity levels. If you are looking to relax, you will find comfort in the two massage therapy chairs. This swim spa is 14 feet long and 48 inches deep.

Swim Spas

ATV™-14 Sport

GREATER RESISTANCE AND VIGOROUS WORKOUTS: The ATV-14 Sport is great for the swimmer looking for a more rigorous workout. It features 3 two-speed pumps and twin-end tether points. With more workout options and an increased resistance and flow, this swim spa allow for a more challenging swim or workout that will help to increase your strength, abilities and overall wellness. This swim spa is 14 feet long and 48 inches deep.

Swim Spas

ATV™-17 Sport

EXTENDED DEEPER VESSEL FOR GREATER RESISTANCE AND VIGOROUS WORKOUTS: The ATV-17 Sport features an expanded and deeper workout space with an extra 3 feet in length and 5 inches in depth. With 6 turbo swim jets it provides the ultimate swim and workout experience. This swim spa is 17 feet long and 53 inches deep.

Swim Spas

ATV™-17 Kona

TOP OF THE LINE EXTREME SWIM AND CONDITIONING TRAINING: The ATV-17 Kona is the ultimate ATV! It features 6 Whitewater-4 dual-speed jets that provide a rigorous aquatic workout and simulate Class 4 white water. The Kona will boost your aquatic training and give you an edge over your competition. This swim spa is 17 feet long and 53 inches in depth.


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Swim Spas are on display in our Mahopac, New York Superstore Location. For more information about our Marquis Hot Tubs and Swim Spas, including design and installation, please do not hesitate to call Best in Backyards at 1-800-752-9787 or submit a quick form via our contact us page. Our representatives are always here to help!