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Why Do I Need A Solair Awning?

When you are looking to add a new feature to your home you only want to use the best, why should this be any different with your awning? Let Solair’s high quality retractable awnings help you take the outdoor space you already have, and re-invent it! With just the click of a button, your motorized awning can be used to create more than just a shaded area; your new awning will create a whole new ambiance that will take your old outdoor area and transform it into a true backyard getaway. A Solair retractable awning will do more than just re-invent your outdoor getaway, it will also help to create increased shade indoors! With extra shade indoors there is less chance for sun damage to your furniture, blinds, flooring and more. On top on this additional protection your awning will provide, the increased shade can also help to lower the temperature indoors, leading to a potential reduction in energy usage during hot days! Not only are Solair Awnings a great looking and beneficial addition to your home, they are also available in two great options! Take a look below to see all of our Solair Awning options:

Standard Awnings

Solair’s Standard Awnings are designed for the most common sized patios, decks and outdoor areas in need of sun coverage. The standard awning is offered in two different frame colors, and allows you to select from hundreds of different fabric options from Sunbrella! Create the perfect outdoor entertaining or relaxing area with a beautiful new awning that compliments your home and your outdoor lifestyle.

backyard standard awning over patio
custom awning mounted over backyard deck

Custom Awnings

Have a patio, backyard deck or outdoor space that needs an awning of a particular size? Solair’s Custom Awning is the perfect solution! Available in custom sizes, our awning can be designed to fit in even the toughest spaces. Pair this with a variety of different frame colors and hundreds of Sunbrella fabric colors and you’ll find yourself relaxing in your new shady outdoor oasis in no time!

Reasons to Choose a Solar Awning

There are many qualities that make Solair Retractable Awnings a step above the competition. From the way they are built, to their functions and the materials they are constructed with, Solair easily sets itself apart from its competition! Here are some examples of what separates a Solair awning from the rest:

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easy to use awnings
Front Bar Attachment

All Solair awnings are built with a front bar that is attached to the arms of the awning. This provides flexibility increased durability, both needed during windy conditions.


The shoulder provides additional strength and durability to the unit. It also provides a pivotal point that enables easy adjustment in the slope of the awning.

retractable awnings for decks and patios
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Motor and Remote

All Solair awnings are equipped with a motor and a remote. This means you can extend and retract your awning with the click of a button!


With an elbow on the arm of the awning, there is increased overall flexibility and strength. This also helps to keep the awning fabric tight and ascetically pleasing for the life span of the awning!

retractable awnings for sale in ct
solair awning installation

A hood adds a finished look to your awning when it is retracted. The hood also covers the arms and fabric of the awning when it is retracted, helping to extend the life of the awning as a whole.

Wind Sensor

Forget to bring your awning back in during a stormy night? With Solair you can equip your awning with a wind sensor, and when it gets too windy outside the awning will retract itself to prevent any damage!

wind sensor on solair awning
Awnings Options
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Sunbrella Fabric

All Solair awnings are equipped with Sunbrella fabric. With hundreds of different colors and patterns to choose from, you are sure to find the ultimate fabric to create your outdoor getaway! Click Here to view the wide variety of colors that Sunbrella has to offer! But its not just pretty colors and patterns, Sunbrella has boasted excellent performance in the shade business for over half a century! This performance includes great protection from the sun, it even has the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation, as well as the Greenguard Gold Certification for low chemical emissions!

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